Headquartered in Brisbane Australia, Techniche is an investment company that delivers value to shareholders by investing in profitable technology companies that materially improve business performance.

Our focus is on specialised, mission critical, intelligent and predictive, Business to Business (B2B) applications that drive down costs by decreasing redundant manual interventions and increasing value of data. These technologies are generally deeply embedded in our customer’s business and provide linkages to the Internet of Things to speed up and automate processes.

We employ an active management approach by working with and incentivising management to successfully grow the businesses organically and via strategic acquisitions.

Techniche has offices in Hamburg, Germany, Milton Keynes, UK, Chicago, USA, Melbourne, Australia,  and currently owns the following businesses;

ERST Technology GmbH creates software for reliable high speed data transfer solutions, helping companies to transfer mission critical data, On time, anywhere, in any format. www.erst-technology.com

Urgent Technology Ltd provide a highly configurable Facilities Management infrastructure and field service management software to over 30,000 sites worldwide. These sites are typically managed and maintained by over 1 million third party contractors, with the software providing tight financial and regulatory control, while improving performance and encouraging behavior through industry best practice. http://www.urgtech.com/

Statseeker is a global provider delivering innovative network monitoring solutions for the IT enterprise and OT industrial market space. With active deployments in over 22 countries and many Fortune 100 firms, Statseeker monitors millions of interfaces in real-time. These companies trust Statseeker to deliver big data, make decisions and take action. Statseeker allows them to identify critical issues, isolate what needs work with confidence and fix problems instantly. Further information on Statseeker can be read at www.statseeker.com.

Techniche are currently looking for new acquisitions and are happy to talk to prospective companies.

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